Who We Are

We began working on a unique concept of “ideal urban communities” through Madaen Real Estate Company. A company that aspires to redefine the concept of a residential communities that takes into consideration the culture, heritage and environment witch meet the needs of Saudi and Arab families, combined with luxury and quality of life.

Our Vision

An ideal metropolis

Our Values

Precision and Proficiency

Details and Integration

Innovation and Authenticity

Our Mission

A factual reflection of a modern authentic society, through real estate development with added values and fulfillment of the users’ needs, as well as maximizing the investors’ returns

Sectors within our Work Domain

Residential projects

Mixed-use projects

Commercial projects

Hospitality projects

Institutional projects

Our services

Feasibility Study

We conduct integrated feasibility studies to test the market needs and identify the major economic factors, finding new investment opportunities in order to take informed decisions for your upcoming project

Innovative Designs

We reform the concepts and designs to add the cultural character meeting the users’ needs and concepts, as well as enhancing the effectiveness and increasing its productivity

Project Execution

We manage our partnerships to execute engineering works investing spaces and quantities in the best possible way, starting from the early stages reaching project delivery, and in accordance with the international building code

Project Monitoring

We oversight general and detailed plans to monitor the workflow, time, costs, and quality, ensuring well-built projects


After conducting a detailed market study, we take the role of advertising your project with unique ideas that attract the clients and fit their needs and cultural concepts